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MissionOutdoors.Net is an on-line hunting show where it’s about as real, and live as it gets, and our videos can be found only on our YouTube channel, website, and Facebook page. Our show was started by David Enstad in 2015 after completing several years of combat operations in Iraq, and while our primary focus has been getting combat veterans and youth out on hunting adventures, it has grown into so much more.

While we would like to have thousands of acres of private big buck land of our own, and unlimited time to chase big bucks, the reality is we are just like you; the average weekend warrior public land hunter who typically works a ton of hours during the week, and for the most part can only get to the woods on weekends or occasional vacation days.

The way our show is structured allows us the ability to give current information on what’s happening in the woods. Everything from what stage the rut is currently in, too how the deer and other species are reacting to the changing weather patterns and the changing of the seasons.

While we mainly focus on deer, bear and turkey, we also run traplines for coyote and other furbearing animals, and give tips and tricks on the trapline as well.

Our off-season is rather misleading, as we really don’t have much of an off-season. When we are not out in the woods hunting or trapping, we’re out scouting for the following season and constantly gathering intelligence which we share in the form of tip videos on everything from how to find new ground, to aerial and topographical map use, scouting, trail cam use and check, stand placement, and ultimately we’re right back where we started and putting it all together for our next hunting adventure.

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