I’ll get straight to the point by saying we’re not a big named business, so getting paid is not even going to happen anytime soon. We’ve been diehard hunters our whole lives and just have a blast doing what we do, and thought we’d like to take a chance and start taking the video side a little more serious over the last few years.  Would we like to make this our fulltime profession? Who wouldn’t! Do I think we’ll get there someday? Well, that honestly depends on other future members we may add to our team.  If we get the right crew out together, anything is possible.

If you have already been filming and have footage available already to show us, feel free to drop us the video files in an email (likely have to use Google Drive for large video files which is free). We’ll take the video and load it on our page where our viewers will vote on the video and decide who makes it, and who doesn’t.  Email us for our photo/video release consent form prior to sending any video.

Requirements: You must have a SAFE and successful history hunting any of the following. Deer, turkey, bear, and/or predators.  Trapping experience is a huge bonus for another project we’re working on.

We strongly prefer you to have experience filming with a Canon XA10 or similar camera, but will train the right individuals.



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