One of the good things about the Minnesota turkey season is how they run the youth seasons. Unlike us adults where we only have 1 week and one zone to get it done, the youth hunters get to hunt literally from the very first day of the very first season, clear up until the last day of the last season, and they have no zonal boundaries to restrict their movements. Knowing that I was severely restricted with my hunt due to my work schedule, I took advantage of the kids hunts and took them out as often as possible.

This season we really didn’t see a lot of action while hunting our typical public land locations, but lucky for us Madison and Caleb were invited to hunt at the grandparents property of a friend of ours in Central Minnesota near Rush Lake. 

This hunt was a lot of fun for us, and also handed me with one of my first “lessons learned” on filming while using a tripod where I bumped the release on the tripod just as a hen was coming in to fight my decoy, which ultimately may, or may not have contributed to the outcome of this hunt. 


Watch Season 1 Episode 4 HERE (HD Available)

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