MissionOutdoors.Net:  A new Journey begins.
By David Enstad

In many ways this season will be a lot like any other season for us. September will roll around and we’ll find ourselves perched high in a tree on some large chunk of public land, or doing spot and stalk hunts from the ground somewhere in Minnesota. We’ll never really know where the first days hunt is going to be until only a few days prior, but yet we’re always excited to get back out there even if we don’t end up seeing a lot of deer.

We are however starting many new projects this year which has us super excited! First off we’re getting things rolling with MissionOutdoors.Net where we hope to have a blast filming a ton of quality deer hunts over the 2015 season; and we’re starting off the fall by filming a disabled veterans bear hunt which has us beyond excited! Some of you know I’m a multi tour combat vet, but others might not. This hunt will give me a chance to connect with another vet where I’ll get to film his very first bear hunt and share in his adventure. This hunt was sponsored by Band of Brothers Outdoors, so I’ve got to send a big THANK YOU to John Venable and his crew for getting this thing together, and for trusting me to capture it on film.

I have to admit that I am a little nervous about this season though. I used to film a lot back in the days before joining the Army, but had to take a pretty long break, so I am just getting back into the swing of things again and have a long ways to go, and a steep climb ahead of me. This isn’t an easy business to get into and almost impossible to find the right people who can help you reach your goals, but I have faith. I’ll do my absolute best to learn something new every day, and strive to make every new video we produce better than the last.

The hardest part of this new adventure is the very low budget, but the way I look at it, if we can produce quality videos with the smallest of budget, the sky will be the limit down the road when we learn the ropes a little more and gain more viewers and supporters.

In addition to our deer, bear, turkey and predator hunts, we’ve also started another project called “Trappers Journal” which we’re really excited about!

Trappers Journal is about a family new to the world of trapping (yep that’s us) who learns the trapping ropes through trial and error. We will be holding weekly discussions on our YouTube channel and Facebook page where YOU the viewer get to guide us to success. Plus we’ll be talking with other pro trappers and filming all sorts of fun stuff this season. From beaver to mink; and muskrats to coyotes and everything else in between, we’re ready for the trapping season to start!

If you’re interested in watching our journey progress, we’d really appreciate it if you’d subscribe to our YouTube channel and website. Subscriptions on our YouTube channel is how we’re able to judge our success or failure rates, as the higher the subscription numbers we have, the better off we’ll be when we look to start adding new staff members down the road. It also lets prospective sponsors know we’re real and not “just another hunting show”.

Thanks for helping us get to where we are today, and here’s to the start of a new future that we hope is filled with fun and excitement as well as growth of our show.

David Enstad

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