Moultrie M-880i Trail Camera Review
David Enstad

Quick facts:
Trigger Speed: 0.80 sec
Recovery time: 5 sec
Detection range: 40 feet
Flash Range: 45 feet
Dimensions: 5” x 4.5” x 3”
No Flash/No Glow
Batteries: 8 x AA batteries


Pretty solid nighttime video quality, and decent daytime video with High Definition playback. Good color

on the daytime pictures.


A decent amount of blurry or slightly out of focus daytime pictures, and we just completely dislike the

strap for hanging these cams.

Overall the Moultrie M-880i is a pretty nice camera for the price. At around $160 depending on where

you shop, it’s fairly comparable to others in the same price range, and even beat out a few other much

higher priced cameras.


We leave our cameras out all year long, and with the exception of when in video mode, we get almost a

full season out of our batteries, but that also depends on the amount of pictures you take too. Lots of

pics, less battery life, but that’s with any camera. When we’re in video mode and capturing 30 second

clips at a time, we’ll average a few months between battery changes.

One thing I really do not like is the strap that comes with it. I’d much rather have the old style strap with

a buckle as I feel it’s almost quieter than trying to hang the cam with it bouncing on the trees while

strapping it down. It’s not a deal breaker though as we’re switching over to the mounts we made which

you’ll see in the video version of this review.

The durability of these cams also seems to be pretty good. We’ve never had a problem with them yet

with roughly a season and a half of pretty much continuous use. They seem to be sealed a whole lot

better than their own brand of cameras from the past, and even some of the current competitors as

we’re not getting an ant infestation inside of our cams like we used to get which did destroy a few of our

other cameras.

Overall we feel as if we’ll continue to use these cameras, and even recommend them to our own friends

and family while continuing our search and reviews of other trail cameras.

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