Last night I hit the road running to meet up with a friend who owns one of the properties I get too hunt with my family, and our mission was to help him look for his buck of a lifetime. With only one very blurry trail camera pic too go on, and having never been seen in person before, we had little hope this buck would even show up while any of us were in a tree. Once I heard Kurt say he’d really love to get a buck like that some day, I immediately placed him on my families no shoot list, and we were determined to try and help him get his buck. As it turned out however, Kurt really didn’t need a whole lot of help as just before dark on the cold and snowy evening, the one and only deer he seen that day showed up at just 18 yards.

After just a 140 yard trek, this 230lb field dressed buck caught himself a ride back to camp in style, and Kurt is living in cloud 9 happy as can be.

buck 1 buck 2 buck 3

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