Like most other outdoor families, we spend almost as much time on the water chasing walleyes as we do in a stand chasing bucks. August 30th, 2014 was no different. I pretty much grew up chasing walleyes on Mille lacs Lake in North Central Minnesota, and after being away for several years with the Army I decided it was time to take another trip up to the big pond. I knew this trip was going to be special in more ways than one, but I had no idea it would end up the way it did!

My grandfather was the one who pretty much raised me on that lake, so it was only fitting that I was going to take him with on this adventure. My 7 year old daughter Madison on the other hand had never been to that lake before, so I figured it would be great to have 3 generations together on this trip. 

Our trip started early in the morning when we launched the boat in the most Southern landing we knew of only, to be met by 4 foot waved and heavy winds. Immediately we opted to scrap that idea and almost scraped the entire day altogether, until I mentioned heading to the far North end where the lake would be calmer, and indeed it was.  

We were about 2 miles out and working our way to some structure we found on the GPS, and literally drove up on a fawn clearly lost, and swimming his way out deeper into the lake, and closer to where the winds would most likely catch him and drag him to his death. Instead however, we managed to do some deer wrangling, with my grandpa driving my boat, and me having made a makeshift lasso out of my boat tie down rope. 

Once we got the fawn into the boat, he stayed calm with me sitting next to him, and even while holding him on shore for a few minutes before letting him go. All three of us were super excited about what had just taken place, and no doubt it’ll be a memory we’ll share together for the rest of our lives.


Lost FawnLost FawnLost Fawn

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