Gov. Mark Dayton signed several bills into law late Tuesday afternoon, including too allow the use of scopes on muzzleloaders here in Minnesota during the muzzleloader season. Other laws passed include an increase in

license fees which will go into effect next March, and also approved blaze pink as a blaze orange substitute.

“I am pleased that an agreement was reached on this bill, since there were policy provisions in the original bill proposed by the Legislature that I found objectionable,” Dayton wrote. “I am also glad the Lessard-Sams (Outdoor Heritage) Council’s recommendations were restored. Thank you for your commitment to the many sportsmen and women, outdoor recreation enthusiasts, hunters, anglers, and everyone else committed to the enhancement of our state’s priceless outdoor heritage.”

People all across social media have been talking about it back and forth for several weeks already from both sides of the argument, but we’d really like to hear your thoughts. Are you for scopes on muzzleloader? or against? 

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