This past weeks hunt took place back down in Southern WI where this time it was our good friend Kelly who was up to bat.

By the end of the first evening, we learned that this was going to a very different hunt than just one week prior. The birds would gobble up a storm prior to the sun coming up, but once that sun broke over the horizon, their mouths zipped shut and not a peep was heard pretty much all day long.

Even with birds being tight lipped, that still didn’t stop us from having a good time down there as always though. Seen lots of beautiful scenery, tons of other wildlife, a semi close encounter with a coyote which didn’t make it to video, but a fun experience with a doe that did. The weather was hot compared to the week before, but we survived.

On the last morning of the hunt we opted to sit in a ground blind for the first time, and though it ended up being our best chance at filling anther tag, it ended up biting us.

Next stop, Minnesota where it will be Madison and Caleb’s turn to try and fill another tag.


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