I’ve been asked a lot lately as to who, or what exactly MissionOutdoors.net is and what we’re about, so I figured I’d get to answering them right here.

MissionOutdoors.net was originally OutdoorTrader.net, but we got hacked and lost all of our data. Will that happen again? Man I sure hope not! From our website we met some wonderful people from all over the Country, and been invited on many different types of adventures, and even had the opportunity to have several people join us either in a treestand, ground blind, boat, or other outdoor related activities that we just may never have had the opportunities to do so if it wasn’t for our website.

The hardest part of starting something new has got to be losing all of our friends who were members of that website but not on our Facebook pages, so unfortunately they may take a lot longer to find us than before, and honestly starting over just plain stinks.

The bright side however is now we have the abilities to change the format a bit and roll into a new direction where we’ll have the abilities to post our outdoor videos a whole lot easier. We do plan on rebuilding a forum in time, but for now we’re just having fun building our new website and growing our Facebook page. That of course is where you all come in. We’d appreciate it very much if you could help spread the word about us, and “Share” us with all of your friends and family who hunt. Our Facebook page can be found HERE and our YouTube channel HERE.

The owner (David Enstad) is a multi tour combat vet, so one of the new focuses we’re gearing up for is taking disabled vets out on hunting and fishing adventures. He had the pleasure of taking part in an NWFT disabled vets turkey hunt early this Spring and had a blast, even though his hunter couldn’t seal the deal on a bird. We’re planning on continuing those hunts, but will also be adding deer hunts starting this fall. The best part, we film all of our hunts and plan on putting together some high quality videos where both the vets involved in the hunts, and you the viewer can watch over and over again to relive the adventure and share in the memories.

We are also looking to add videos of YOU the viewer. If you film your hunts, we’d love to see them, and even have them placed on a upcoming section of our website designed for members videos where we can hopefully give you more exposure to what you’re trying to do with your videos, as well as maybe start working together to put together something even bigger down the road.

Are we looking for sponsors? Depends. If we do accept sponsors, it has to be a product or service we truly 100% trust and believe in. We refuse to use or promote stuff we don’t or won’t ever personally use. We feel that is just cheating and lying to our members and supports by doing so, and that’s not what we’re about. So, if you see us using or talking about a product or service, it’s because we love it and use it!

In a nutshell, we’re a family and friends orientated website with loads of plans for growing and expanding, and we’d really love to have you become part of our outdoor family.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and we look forward to hearing from you, and sharing adventures and stories back and forth.

David Enstad
Owner: MissionOutdoors.Net

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